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Full Time

Fusion Growth Partners is a small business incubator and investor that works primarily with real estate agents. Fusion invests in these small businesses by building out their business infrastructure (including marketing and business development, bookkeeping, human resources, coaching and advising, and much more) and staffing, executing, and managing that infrastructure with a broad team of specialists. In return, Fusion receives a small share of revenue.

To be considered for this position, you must answer the initial screening questions.

We consider this one of the best sales opportunities for Professional Salespeople available today.

Executive Sales / Partner Acquisition Position Highlights

● Outside Sales Position with one of Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States

● You are offering Business Incubator services to help small businesses grow significantly

Sales process is:

● Identifying small service-based companies that want to grow significantly more and make more profits

● Offer significant resources to be invested directly into their business to grow revenue and profits

● Available resources include high-level consulting, marketing, systems development, staff, finance services, and more

● If client desires such resources - Negotiate a WIN – WIN small percentage of Revenue Share to provide our up-front investment into their business as they grow

● Sales Cycle is short – typically 5-15 days from presentation to close

The Significant Benefits our Partners receive with accepting our investment

● Our investment is directly into their business, and Fusion never owns any portion of the business

● We are only paid as they generate revenue

● They can cancel the agreement at any time with a short notice

● We guarantee a minimum of 2x return but expect 10-20X ROI for the Partner

● Fusion takes the majority of the risk – they get the majority of the benefit

Offering Summary from a Sales Professional Perspective

Fusion Growth Partners is a business incubator for small service-based businesses with an emphasis on individual real estate agents. We invest in businesses that most investors ignore, and we have a tremendous success track record. We also do not know of any direct competitors in this space and feel as if we are creating a new category of business. We consider ourselves an “Investment As A Service” business, similar to but different from an SAAS business. We have roughly 250 employees currently and are growing very quickly. We need additional “Talent” to enter into untouched markets.

We believe that this sales opportunity is special, and the reasons why are simple.

● Most sales professionals would love to have something that is proven to improve the lives of their prospects in a significant fashion. For most sales professionals, that fact alone is awesome – but when you couple that with the fact that the service that they are selling does not have any direct competition, it becomes a very desirable and rare occasion.

● This IS the scenario that describes the position we are hiring for. The goal of our company is to make a “Transformational Difference” for our clients by helping dramatically improve their business and their cashflow for their employees, their family and themselves.

● In addition, there is no other company we are aware of that actually “invest” real resources into other businesses without any ownership in exchange

Imagine this - we actually bring in a team of professionals to build out systems and processes, marketing, client care processes, and Fusion pays all of the salaries of all of these individuals for the business owner. In most cases, our business owners would NEVER be able to afford anything like this without our offering.

This might sound a bit like a huge risk for Fusion, and in truth it is. However, our goal (and what is happening most of the time) is that we provide so much value that the clients begin to rely on us, and leaving us means that they would end up losing all the resources we give them. Even so, they always have the option to end the relationship, which gives them comfort to move forward with entering into an agreement.

The Purpose of our Company:

We want to “Transform Lives”

Most small businesspeople live very stressful lives, and most eventually fail, causing financial ruin, depression and hardship for all of their families. We want to significantly change those odds! When we partner with a business owner, we invest heavily into their small business and help them to significantly grow their clientele and build a true business or company.

We accomplish this by providing sophisticated business planning, complete systems and processes, and the use of our trained staff to run those systems. As far as we know, we are the only company in the country that currently offers these services and is compensated in a way which conveniently accommodates the cash flow challenges of a real estate agent.

Job Detail:

Investment / Partner Acquisition

The Partnership Acquisition Executive purpose is to qualify potential business candidates, provide detailed explanation to potential partners HOW we invest, and only if the candidate has a high desire to engage with Fusion, then the Executive helps structures the “deal.” It is a little bit like Shark Tank, but very different as well. It is our practice to present our services personally to a potential Partner to ensure full comprehension and interaction with that Partner.

A “Partnership Acquisition – Sales Executive” sources and secures new partners so that we can invest our resources INTO the business owner’s business without Fusion owning any portion of their business.

Our successful candidates can be a straight “outside sales professional,” but we also offer something special and unique for sales professionals who have a higher and sophisticated understanding of business leverage.

There are four parts of the sales process each sales professional needs to learn to be highly effective in.

We present our services in nontraditional sales processes. Instead of using old sales clichés, we perfect a process of doing four things.

1. Lead Generation

Lead generation involves directly contacting prospects through networking, developing referral sources and direct contact through calling and email. We have specific and effective processes to train you on.

2. Presentation Set

Once you have found a business that fits our profile, to get on base is simply the ability to get them to an in-depth presentation that shares in great detail HOW we invest in business. We have very effective processes that we will train you on how to effectively convert leads to presentations.

3. Explanation of Investment Presentation

The EOI, as we call it here internally, is a presentation –it is NOT a sales presentation but more of an educational process. We teach you how to deliver this with energy and in a way that will keep their attention. However, we do not want you to “sell” or to “convince” them to join. We are going to invest in them with very little commitment on their part, and if they are not totally excited about the potential of what we offer – we would not be interested. IF they cannot see the vision - they are not a good risk for us because they do not understand the value. Those who do understand the value ALWAYS want to move forward.

4. Make a Deal Meeting

The “MAD” meeting is where both parties come together to Make a Deal. This is not a negotiation but an act of good faith between two parties that think they would be better together than apart. We aim to make a deal that is WIN - WIN and can last for years to come. That is our goal. In the make a deal, we either make a deal or decide for the foreseeable future that we are not a good fit. Currently when we get to this stage, 60% close IN THAT MEETING.

Our sales cycle from the date we set an appointment to a close is typically two to three weeks.

Growth Opportunities

This position is not only a sales position, but one where you can operate from your personal “profit center” within the company and basically build your own personal sales organization. For those individuals who understand how to leverage their talents, we allow you to hire individuals directly under your supervision into the company. They work directly for you and can earn commissions and the arbitrage between the commission revenue generated and the cost of the employees you hire.

Excellent salespeople who want to have more than just the challenge of selling also have positions to be player-coaches-mentors for sales people who have not fully developed all of their skills. Mentors can give training and mentorship until the sales individuals can manage all aspects of the sales.


This position is a W2 outside sales position. Once you are trained, you should expect to make an absolute minimum of $100,000 per year. We expect our mean producers to make $180,000 to $240,000, and those that build a team should be able to earn over $300,000 per year.


We take our successful candidates and provide intense two-week trainings before they are allowed into the field and then provide ongoing daily training to sharpen the skills of each individual in order to allow them to be as successful as they possibly can.

Our Ideal Candidate:

Our ideal candidate is a polished professional with highly effective communication skills, who is very persuasive but not “salesy,” who does not shy away from difficult conversations but attacks problems or issues head-on. A successful candidate must be able to present ideas and concepts with confidence and assurance. That candidate must be able to work with very strong-willed people and be able to show them a different perspective, which they will embrace over time. Experience in the residential real estate industry is helpful but not necessary or required.

Position Requirements:

● Possess a "fanatical obsession" with the success of every single client you manage

● Possess a "fanatical obsession" with doing the best you can for everyone on your team

● Possess a "fanatical obsession" with contributing to the success of the company

● Highly professional in appearance, dress and actions

● Willing to follow company systems and processes.

● Able to work autonomously with little or no supervision

● Very comfortable and confident in presenting concepts and ideas

● A true servant leader

● Authentic

● A great communicator

If this advertisement “spoke to you” and you would truly like to be considered – PLEASE make sure you have read the entire AD (we will ask) and answer the screen questions with as much detail as possible. For those who take the time follow these instructions – you will receive a call for an initial conversation.

Those who do not follow these instructions will not be contacted.

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