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Fusion Growth Partners is:

"Partnership & Investment As a Service"

For a Business Landscape Where There is 
Extreme Need and High Demand

Executive Summary

Partnership and Investment as a service could also be described as a “Revenue Based” SaaS that provides small service-based businesses (1-10 employees) a customized, comprehensive, and holistic collection of business services for the sole purpose of creating and supporting significant business growth.

Fusion’s team also project-manages all those services and executes the recommended strategies on behalf of the small business.

Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the number of entrepreneurial businesses established worldwide. This trend has been especially noticeable in the United States and has only strengthened with the advent of COVID and the implementation of significant changes in terms of how we interact with one another. Most of the above referenced entrepreneurial businesses are founded by individuals who have a dream – a passion for their “art” or skill but lack the necessary capital and resources to get started, and the level of business sophistication which is needed to run the business effectively.

Business success entails more than just being exceptional at the service(s) being offered, it requires a solid understanding of marketing and sales, PR, human resources, finances / accounting, and most of these small business owners have only a basic level of knowledge in these areas.


For the Founder to be able to focus on the “front” of the business and provide a satisfactory level of service to clients, three main resources must be in place to support all of the functions which are peripheral to any service offering and are a critical part of running and scaling the business. The Founder needs the following:

  1. Very specific processes and procedures detailing how each part of the business is to be executed along with instructions on any accommodating software.

  2. Skilled employees to run the systems and processes

  3. Management that oversees the processes and procedures and provides direction, consultation and ongoing efficiencies assessment on the performance of employees and the systems and processes which have been implemented.


Fusion provides these resources to its client- partners.  Currently, our client base is comprised primarily of individual real estate agent businesses with annual earnings of roughly $150,000 or more in gross revenue at the time of partnering.

New Service to reach an even larger and growing market.


Our business model has proven to be effective in the residential real estate niche and we believe that there are many other service-based businesses with similar needs.  We are excited to bring our business growth platform to other business verticals with comparable revenue that dramatically increases the size of our total available market. Building the processes for each industry provides us the rough specs to potentially be able to build technology that would provide a very low-cost DIY project manager system. Fusion could potentially garner revenue from subscriptions, referrals to approved resources, overrides on offshore employees implemented in a client’s business, and eventually these small business partners, already in Fusion’s ecosystem, would be prospects to be upgraded to more expense services and product offerings.


Growth Strategy

Our proven growth strategy is simply to increase the rate in which we hire and effectively train additional sales / account manager individuals.  We call these individuals “Partnership Executives” and each one can represent anywhere from $500,000 to $750,000 in additional annual revenue. Fusion currently employs 75 US-based, and 120 offshore-based individuals.

  • In 2020 Fusion Revenue = $3.8 MM

  • In 2021 Fusion Revenue = $11.4 MM


Recent Valuations of similar type companies who closed on funding rounds this year.



Raised $2,500,000 – most recent valuation - $ 2.5 Billion  

Side Inc.  / Side Funding News


Raised $100 MM – most recent valuation - $1 Billion - PLACE claims to have sold $2.5 Billion in real estate last year. Comparatively, last year Fusion’s client-partner base sold close to $6 billion.

Place Funding News

Fusion Management Team

James Becker – Fusion’s CEO and Founder - Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years in the Residential real estate and mortgage industry.

Kyle Baack – COO – Professional Management background, experienced in managing large for-Profit and non-profit organizations, as well as large employee groups (onshore as well as offshore). 

Ed Pearson CRO – Professional Executive Management background specializing in forming and overseeing large sales organizations, specifically, in the media sales space for Disney Corporation and ABC.

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Fusion Growth Partners was named one of America's fastest growing private companies in the 2022 Inc. 5000
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"I've invested in dozens of companies over my 40-yr business career, and in 2012 wrote a check for a Convertible Note to James Becker, Fusion. For the years that followed, until I converted to equity, my interest checks arrived on time, every month, without fail.  In recent years, Fusion Growth Partners has transformed, grown, refined its business model and strengthened their leadership team.


This company is poised for explosive growth in 2022 and beyond!!"   


John Finegan

Founder, Beck Ag, Inc. & Ag Advisory Partner, Impact Venture Capital

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