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Outsourced Marketing Creator - Advertisement Manager

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FGP is a business incubator that works with small service-based businesses and top-producing real estate agents and mortgage brokers. We provide a complete business infrastructure, including systems, technology, and staff, which we operate on behalf of these small businesses.

One of the departments we run for our clients is their marketing department. Because these businesses are smaller, we typically start by focusing on the owner and employees' personal spheres of influence, as well as past clients in similar industries. This has been very successful for us.

We need a creative person who can develop cohesive and effective plans that utilize a basic theme for the business that runs consistently throughout the marketing campaign. This person will also come up with a number of different marketing pieces that will be displayed through several different channels, including but not limited to direct mail, email, telephone follow-up, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Pay per click.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is excellent at utilizing social media and other forms of digital media to drive business inquiries for these small businesses, which are typically local. We need someone who truly understands how to build an ad campaign for social media, how to choose the audience, and how to reach them. They must also be highly proficient in Google Pay per click.

About FGP

We are headquartered in Florida on the Treasure Coast. We have over 800 clients nationwide who generate approximately $200 million in annual revenue. We have been awarded two years in a row as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by Ink Magazine. In 2022, we were ranked 813th, and in 2023, we were ranked 1234th.

We are particularly interested in true talent and true knowledge in this arena, that can be executed for our clients and for ourselves as we try to scale.

[If you apply, please write a summary of why you would be a great fit for us, based on the advertisement, to consider working directly with you. We will not respond to anyone who does not write a summary as stated above.]

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