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Narrative Writer


Job Type

Supplemental/Part Time

Work from home and earn equivalent to $15 per hour as a high-level narrative writer with excellent English skills!


If you're seeking a remote opportunity and have a strong command of written and spoken English, this is the perfect job for you. But before you apply, make sure to read the entire ad and follow the specific instructions provided.


Are you a talented storyteller with a passion for crafting captivating narratives? We are seeking an exceptional narrative writer to create and share compelling stories about our partners and their clients. This role begins as a supplemental/part time position working approximately 5-10 hours per week with opportunity for advancement.


In this role, you will be responsible for developing and editing individual story letters, resumes, and proofreading reviews for grammar and spelling accuracy.


We are searching for a strategic thinker who can conduct interviews to extract the core themes of a story and then weave them into exceptional written pieces. The successful candidate will possess prior experience in narrative writing and demonstrate a strong creative, visual, and editorial perspective. To top it off, a proven track record of delivering engaging content will be highly valued.


If you're ready to showcase your writing skills and contribute to a team that thrives on storytelling, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Join us in crafting captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact!


The Purpose of our Company:  

Fusion Growth Partners is a business incubator and business accelerator. When we partner with a business owner, we invest heavily into their small business and help them significantly grow their clientele and build a true business or company.  

We accomplish this by providing sophisticated business planning, complete systems and processes, the use of our trained staff to run those systems, and thousands of dollars in marketing capital. We earn our compensation from licensing fees or from a small percentage of their closed business. As far as we know, we are the only company in the country that currently offers these services.  

For the benefit of those who are reading this ad, you can view an example of the presentation we provide for Real Estate Agents at: and you can view the rest of our website at 



·        Interview clients to create, manage, and develop story letters and resumes

·        Work closely with the Project Manager

·       Crafting and refining compelling content, ensuring consistency of our partner’s brand voice and style across all platforms.

·        Proofreading reviews on a daily basis for any spelling and grammatical errors.

Personal Attributes:

·        Skilled Interviewer

·        Superb writing, grammatical, and editing skills.

·        Strong creative, visual, and editorial points of view.

·        Creative, proactive, and enthusiastic about the work they do.

·        Strong organizational and project management skills, able to handle a variety of detailed tasks simultaneously and to work effectively and efficiently under deadlines.

·        Ability to keep a calm head and think clearly and quickly under pressure to make the right decisions.

·        Empathy, good emotional intelligence, and cultural sensitivity.

·        Good sense of humor and ability to see work as fun.

Required Equipment:

·        Desktop Computer (core i5 Intel and above preferred)

·        Webcam with microphone

·        Two Monitor Screens (preferred)

·        High-Speed Internet (Required)


Ready to apply? Simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button which will send you to our job submission page. Complete the application and questionnaire. Don't forget to upload a 2-3 minute introductory video where you can share highlights of your work experience, your English proficiency, and why you believe you would excel in this position.


We're looking for candidates who pay attention to detail and follow instructions carefully. Only those who do will be considered for an interview. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity – apply today!

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