Traveling Videographer


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Part of Fusion's offering includes professionally videography services on a regular basis. With clients covering the entire US, we need a professional videographer that is excited and interested to do a significant amount of travelling across the continental US. For this opportunity, we need someone who:
-Is able to travel to the US for extended periods of time.
-Has a valid license to drive a vehicle in the US.

If hired for this job, you will:
-Be given a route and schedule for a region of the US.
-Travel from city to town on the schedule with video equipment.
-Set up for video shoots in various studios, offices, etc (these will be predetermined and booked before hand by manager at Fusion).
-Shoot professional video for multiple clients in a day.
-Pack up the equipment and shoot location.
-Upload the footage nightly.
-Travel to the next location.

All travel costs, including a daily per diem, will be included in addition to your salary. Depending on the amount of clients in an area, you may stay in a location for only a half day, or up to a week plus.


Candidates for this position must have the following:

  1. Fluent conversational English.

  2. 2+ years of professional videography experience.

  3. Friendly, outgoing, customer service oriented attitude with our clients.

  4. Ability to coach nervous talent through their video sessions.

  5. Strong attention to detail so nothing is missed or lost from a shoot.

  6. Safe driving record.

To be considered for this position, your resume must be submitted in English and include a link to your videography portfolio. Also, record a short video introducing yourself and telling your story in English.

About the Company

Fusion Growth Partners is a small business incubator and investor that works primarily with real estate agents. Fusion invests in these small businesses by building out their business infrastructure (including marketing and business development, bookkeeping, human resources, coaching and advising, and much more) and staffing, executing, and managing that infrastructure with a broad team of specialists. In return, Fusion receives a small share of revenue.