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Database Specialist (Excel Expert)


Job Type

Full Time

We are seeking high level administrative / excel expert individuals with EXCELLENT AND NATIVE ENGLISH skills (Written and Spoken)

Read Entire Ad before applying and follow specific instructions.


There are very specific instructions you must follow to apply for this position. Please read the entire ad and follow the instructions below completely, to be interviewed.  We will only consider those who follow the instructions specifically.

Job Details

We are looking for talented people who can execute various data entry tasks to join our ever growing offshore team. The ideal candidate will be fast and accurate with data entry and will be able to communicate and report the tasks completed for the day.

If you are hardworking and detail oriented apply and meet with our hiring staff.

The Purpose of our Company:

Fusion Growth Partners is a business incubator and business accelerator. When we partner with business owner, we invest heavily into their small business and help them significantly grow their clientele and build a true business or company.

We accomplish this by providing sophisticated business planning, complete systems and processes, the use of our trained staff to run those systems, and thousands of dollars in marketing capital. We earn our compensation from licensing fees or from a small percentage of business closed. As far as we know, we are the only company in the country that that currently offers these services.

For the benefit of those who are reading this ad, you can view an example of the presentation we provide for Real Estate Agents at: and you can view the rest of our website at

This is a remote position, and you can work from home!!!

Required Skills:

  • Advanced Excel knowledge

  • Time Management

  • Communication

  • Organized

  • Attention to detail

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

  • Available to work from 8am PST to 5pm PST

Required Equipment

- Desktop Computer (Core i5 Intel and above preferred)

- Two Monitor Screens (Preferred)

- High Speed Internet (Required)

To apply, complete the questionnaire on the webpage linked before and upload an introductory video.  The Video should be a 2- or 3-minute video where you can tell us about yourself, where you grew up, how you learned to speak English and why you think you think you would be great for this position.

All Items must be completed to be considered.

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